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Adventures in Gel Polish, try 4:   Clear with Gold Hexagons!

Layer of bonder, layer of clear, layer of clear into which I spent many hours arranging hexagons by hand in before setting, a thick layer of clear to be sure, and then top coat.  Sounds so simple, right?

Took me 8 hours to do.  THE RESULT THOUGH.  IT IS SO DAMN SPARKLY.  This is DEFINITELY something I couldn’t pull off with regular polish (unless I’d used super glue or something) just due to how long it took me to set each individual piece.  In the pictures I took at the local Tex-Mex restaurant you can really see the sparkle, but you can’t see how smooth they came out so I tried taking side-view pics under my stupid florescent lights at home.   >.>   It really reminds me of those counter tops people make by lining up pennies and lacquering em to hell and back ;D

I can’t stress how shiny these are.  I can’t wait for the sun to come out so I can bling in it.

♥ Lady K

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